Melbourne airport parking travel tips

Melbourne airport parking travel tips

    1. Comparing flights, then price beating them. offers an easy way to compare domestic and international flights. Jetstar offer a 10% price beat guarantee which is fairly easy to organise on the web through a chat session. Doing this avoids the booking fees, which normally add 5-10% on top of your fare. Your fare needs to be an identical route and departure times can’t be more than an hour apart. Book far in advance to get best prices – pretty obvious statement – water is wet, pizza tastes good etc.


    1. Getting to and from Tullamarine airport. You’ve got some options here – Skybus offers a reliable and frequent shuttle with wi-fi to and from Tullamarine Airport. It will typically drop you at Southern Cross Station, but can also make complimentary drop offs to participating hotels. $19 one way, $38 return, up to 4 kids are free. Frequent travellers can buy a 10 trip pack for $160. Uber is fairly pricey, taxis even more so. Walking to Melb Airport would take about 4 and a half hours from the city – not recommended.


    1. Tullamarine airport parking. On-site parking is a reliable and convenient option but there is a premium you will pay for doing this. There are many off-site Melbourne airport parking sites that are competing for your business, offering significantly discounted fees. Almost all of them run a shuttle bus to transport you back and forth to Melbourne airport, some of them will offer carwash and car servicing options.


    1. Stick to baggage limits or book more in advance. Jetstar and Tiger will occasionally randomly check the weight of your carry on bags and charge you extra if they are overweight, one way they increase revenue. I feel Virgin and Qantas are less vigilant, though this is mainly anecdotal. Some good tips to avoid last minute trouble – wear double pants, triple shirts and quad socks. Use ALL of your deodorant?


  1. Comparison search engines. Besides this site, there are comparison sites for most travel needs – travel insurance, rental cars and of course accommodation. Some sites, like Expedia and Kayak even offer more than one comparison service at once.
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Melbourne Airport Parking Tips

Comparing flights, then price beating them. offers an easy way to compare domestic and international flights.

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