Top 5 travel tech tips for airport parking

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Airport parking travel tech tips

Gadgets and tech can make travelling better, it’s official. That’s a fact. Whether you are looking for airport parking or waiting for takeoff, these new devices and apps might take some of the stress out of travelling.


Compare airport parking

Bose Quietcomfort 35

1. Bose have updated their fantastic Quietcomfort range with the Bluetooth enabled Quietcomfort 35s. They provide up to 20 hours of wireless noise cancellation. These are headphones that CANCEL NOISE – just completely cancel it like it’s an Uber that you don’t need anymore. You get twice as much battery life if you use the wire provided. The only downside to these are the pricetag of $450 AUD.




2. GoBag is a vacuum compressible carry on sized bag, with an inner 100% waterproof Max Pack Bag. It was initially designed to be used by travellers to increase the amount they can fit into their carry-on baggage – perfect for travellers looking to save on baggage fees. Now, this isn’t your typical carry-on bag and can’t be wheeled around. This is more of a rugged, backpack experience. A similar product is offered by Wandrd, which can be further customisable to be perfect for a photographer and their gear.

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Sydney airport parking changes
Changes to Sydney airport parking

There have been some recent changes to Sydney airport, most notably a change to the free pick-up system that is currently in place.

Melbourne Airport Parking Tips

Comparing flights, then price beating them. offers an easy way to compare domestic and international flights.

compare melbourne airport parking
Top 5 travel tech tips for airport parking

Gadgets and tech can make travelling better, it’s official. That’s a fact. Whether you are looking for airport parking or waiting for takeoff