Why compare Australian airport parking?


Find cheap airport parking by comparing!

Compareparking.com.au allows you to search and compare off-site parking for the major Australian airports. These options are generally more budget friendly than on-site parking, and often offer other services like car washing and servicing.

First of all, off-site parking may not be for you. You might be someone who is happy to pay for the convenience of parking on-site, knowing that you can easily and quickly get to and from the terminal with minimal fuss. This can be made cheaper by booking online ahead of time.

Our site offers an alternative way to park close to the airport, a place where you can search and compare for cheap parking at Australian airports. The ACCC recently suggested either booking online for on-site parking or choosing to park off-site, something that our site specialises in. This coincides with the release of their 2014-15 Airport Monitoring Report, which details earnings and activities related to Sydney, Melbourne (Tullamarine), Brisbane and Perth airports.

For long term parking in particular, off-site parking shave off 40-60% of the cost of parking for a week or longer. Recent ACCC figures are provided below revealing an average week of parking at Melbourne airport can cost $75.26. On performing a search I found an online price of $71.50 for 7 days of on-site parking – compared to pricing starting at $45 off-site at Pacific Airport Parking. This comparison is particularly interesting, as Melbourne airport long term parking is also serviced by a shuttle bus – as most off-site parking sites are. The journey may be shorter on-site but the waiting time and hassle of managing luggage is comparable for off-site parking. Check out my other April blog post for more Melbourne Airport Parking tips.

Australia, the rip-off nation. Source: ACCC

Source: ACCC Airport Monitoring Report 2014-15

The same search reveals a fee of $170 for a week of parking on-site at Sydney Airport Domestic Terminal, compared with a $100 fee off-site at Sydney Airpark. It is worth noting that Sydney Airport also offers a budget parking service named Blu Emu, which involves a 15 minute shuttle bus ride but only costs $107 for the week – a pretty cost-effective option. If you are after undercover parking, however, it will cost you $170 at Blu Emu, a full $54 more than the options available to compare at compareparking.com.au. A quick search of Sydney Airport Undercover Parking will reveal that Mascot Airport Parking will set you back $116 for a week.

Compareparking.com.au is here to help you compare budget options in a fully customisable manner. Choose the cheapest, or closest or most secure, it’s up to you.

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