Find Cheap Airport Parking

We want to help you find the cheapest parking, that’s about it. I paid $109 to leave my car overnight at Melbourne Airport, the following day I decided to make this website. No one should pay that much for one night of airport parking – there are much cheaper options available and now there is an easier way of finding them.

Welcome to, the easiest and fastest way to compare airport parking in Australia. Simply select your city, your travel dates and choose if you prefer indoor or outdoor parking. The parking options you can compare are for both short term and long term airport parking. This includes Melbourne airport parking, Sydney airport parking and other capital cities Australia wide. Cheap airport parking can save you hundreds on your long term airport parking budget. It’s just a matter of taking a minute or two to have a look!

To make the best use of your time away many airport parking sites offer car washing and car maintenance. Our search allows you to compare these services. Whether you are a business and personal traveller, you can benefit from our sites. If you’re someone who would prefer the security and peace of mind of having your car parked undercover, our site allows you to customise your search for undercover parking only. We aim to take the stress out of arranging parking for your trip. If you have feedback on the site, its features or the prices listed please let us know in the contact us section.