Changes to Sydney airport parking

Sydney airport parking changes

Recent changes to Sydney airport parking

There have been some recent changes to Sydney airport, most notably a change to the free pick-up system that is currently in place. The SMH recently reported that there will be an increase in the amount of free pick-up spaces available, but they will be moved 180 meters away from its current position. Customers also have an option of paying $4 to access a priority pick up zone – situated where the current free pick-up zone is. These changes will also influence the uptake of Sydney airport parking.

UberX drivers are now allowed to access Sydney airport to pick up and drop off passengers. The pick up zones for Sydney domestic and international airports are shown below. This relaxation of the restrictions for UberX offers a better value option for travellers who would have otherwise opted for a taxi, though probably not as cheap as catching the train to the airport.

UberX Domestic airport pick up zone


Sydney airport parking uber


UberX International airport pick up zone


Sydney airport parking


Beyond this option, Sydney airport customers certainly have a few different ways of travelling to the airport at their disposal. By far the most significant difference between Sydney and Melbourne being the Airport Link train service. This costs $17.40 from central Sydney ($14.00 concession and children under 4 years old ride free). This option favours the lone traveller with minimal baggage.

Sydney airport parking


Blu Emu airport parking

Sydney airport offers a budget onsite parking option, situated on Ross Smith Avenue at the airport. It offers more affordable and long-term options than on-site Sydney airport parking options. It includes a free 24 hours shuttle bus but doesn’t offer true indoor parking.

If you’re travelling to or from Melbourne airport please also check out my Melbourne blog post if you are searching for budget travel tips and are interested in Melbourne Airport parking.



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Sydney airport parking changes
Changes to Sydney airport parking

There have been some recent changes to Sydney airport, most notably a change to the free pick-up system that is currently in place.

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