Sydney Airport

sydney airport parking

Sydney Airport Parking

 Sydney  airport has separate terminals for domestic and international travel. The domestic (T2) airport is open from 0400 to 2300 every day, the international (T1) airport from 0300 to 2300.
Options for travel to airport:
Here are some estimates from the Sydney Airport website for what to expect in terms of taxi pricing.

Sydney City $45-55 (one way)
North Sydney $55 – $65 (one way)
Manly $90 – $100 (one way)
Parramatta $100 – $120 (one way)
Liverpool $95 – $110 (one way)
Cronulla $75 – $85 (one way)

A $4.10 airport toll is payable by all passengers taking a taxi from any of Sydney Airport’s taxi ranks.

The Sydney Airport has recently relaxed its restrictions on UberX pickup and drop off – you can read about it here

The Airport Link train takes only 13 minutes from the city, with trains leaving every 10 minutes. Prices are generally affordable and a good value option for transferring to Sydney Airport – especially if travelling alone.
There is also a $6 Airport Link service connecting the domestic and international airport terminals.
Shuttle Bus: 
Redy2go offer a shuttle bus service from hotels and residencies, prices vary depending on how far you travel.
On-site parking: 
$107 for cheapest outdoor option on-site (15 min shuttle bus, BluEmu parking)
$223 for cheapest undercover on-site parking (walking distance)
Off-site parking:
Sydney airport parking search conducted on
$100 for cheapest outdoor option for outdoor airport car parking for 1 week
$116 for cheapest outdoor option for undercover airport car parking for 1 week
(Prices accurate as of 04/07/16)
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